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►►’Secret Garden’ to end in a concert

With its popularity soaring, weekend drama Secret Garden is planning an OST concert to be held next weekend, just in time for the drama’s finale. It will be held at the Children’s Park Dome Art Hall on January 15, and will feature performances by artists Baek Ji-young and 4Men, who are both on the soundtrack, as well as actors Yoon Sang-hyun and even Hyun Bin.

The drama’s soundtrack has been selling briskly online as well as offline; the first CD (OST parts 1 and 2) has sold out of its 30,000 copies. The second CD (parts 3 and 4) recorded nearly 30,000 pre-orders as soon as its release date, January 3, was announced. A part 5 is planned, which will feature Hyun Bin’s version of the song “That Man,” which already has two versions in circulation (one being “That Woman”).

My first thought was that it was odd timing to schedule the concert for broadcast night — great way to keep fans from watching, right? — but it appears they’ve got that covered. The concert runs from 8 to 10 pm, after which the roughly 2,000 attendees will be able to watch the 10 pm broadcast live.

The concert will be pulling double-duty, because footage from the Saturday night show will then be used in Sunday night’s finale broadcast. Talk about cutting it close with the live-shoot.

The pricing has drawn some disgruntled complaints, however, as many feel the 99,000 won price tag is too steep (close to $90 USD). Concert organizers countered by saying the quality of the show will be greater than ordinary pop concerts. (O rly?) But in the end, I suspect enough fans will be happy to pay up to get to see Yoon Sang-hyun and Hyun Bin in person.

Cr: E Daily, BNT News + Dramabeans

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