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►►MBLAQ wants to break away from Rain

MBLAQ has officially said their Declaration of Independence, “We want to be independent from Rain.”

Five members of boyband MBLAQ, who have received a lot of attentions as ‘Idol group
made by Rain’ and ‘Five Rains’, has stood in stage again with new album.

Five people have returned to the basics. Seungho has involved in piano practice
again and G.O. has been active in writing and composing lyrics. It was to contain members’
opinions in first full album from gathering songs to album’s concepts.

“We always have been thinking that we were never prepared enough. Therefore, we
started everything from the basic this time. We are trying to show clean and light
music and choreography. The first full album is more precious since it’s an album
that contains our own voice ” (Lee Joon)

Due to MBLAQ’s declaration of independence (?), Rain’s participation toward this
album has decreased. Since it is a first full album, they prioritized members’ participations
and Rain only contributed by composing one song which is not a title song and
forming main points of choreography.

In this album which has a color of thick black music, R&B and indie hiphop musicians
such as popular composer E-Tribe, Wontaek, and Rado participated to create a unique music.

To show a various colors of stage performances, .they decided to have two title
songs. Stage performances with contrasting atmosphere for ‘Cry’, which is an R&B
song made by E-Tribe, and ‘Stay’, which is dance song with MBLAQ’s own unique
performance are anticipated. Both songs have soft musical color, members’ harmonies,
and strong choreography.

They put stronger engine. What words would Rain have said as he is watching MBLAQ
who’s preparing for a ‘second debut’?

“(Jung) Jihoon [Rain] hyung always emphasized about confidence. He told us to be independent from him now.
We chose and participated in creating songs for independence. I felt for a need of relaxing and
preservance, along with harsh practicing processes.” (Seungho)

Last year, MBLAQ has achieved meaningful result. ‘ Second mini album’s title song
‘Y’ has been placed in a first place at a music program and Mir cried a lot right
after the announcement of the first place, which made fans touched.

Members reflected back about 2010 as they said “There was a big happiness of being
placed in a first place and it was a year that we were able to reflect about lot of things.”

“We remembered a hard times during the preparation of debut and reflected on a lot of things
as we went through a long time of preparation process. We brushed ourselves up as we studied
about writing lyrics and composing, and exercised. These times made us stronger.” (G.O.)

MBLAQ is also anticipating official foreign country activities this year.
After focusing on domestic activities, MBLAQ will announce debut song at Japan
and open promotion to meet with Japanese fans in April.

“We have seen fans who greeted us as we traveled around Asia even before we started foreign activities.
We should contribute to Korean Wave soon.” (Lee Joon)

MBLAQ has said that they will enjoy a stage. G.O. and Seungho who were born in rabbit year,
which is this year, said “We want to enjoy a stage. We should work hard and fast like a rabbit.”

Source:Star News
Original article link:…/20110106n15927
Translated and reupload by seunghoeyecandy@mblaqattack
Please take this out with full credits

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