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►►Debuting drama ‘My Princess’ tightens race against ‘Sign’

The race was tight between these two top dramas on January 5th with only 0.2% separating them. Thursday’s episode narrowed the gap even further, with Sign just barely hanging onto the lead by 0.1% — it pulled in a 17.7% over My Princess‘s 17.6%.

What’s even more impressive is that both dramas rose from their premieres (16.1% and 15.9%, respectively); those numbers would be solid even if their competition were much weaker, but to have TWO dramas approaching 20% at the same time is not all that common.

Sadly, those points have to come from somewhere, and KBS’s President dropped to 7.7%.

I wonder if Sign and My Princess are cutting into each other’s audiences and could have been even higher without the other rival getting in the way (as I suspect was the case for Dong Yi versus Giant last year, and have always wondered with big-time showdowns like My Girl versus Goong). Or, perhaps with their very different subject matter and tone, the two dramas present the perfect counterprogramming options for each other.

Cr: E Daily + Dramabeans

One response

  1. Kdrama

    SIGN LEADING AGAIN? Oh what is expected of Park Shin Yang! Definitely amazing!!!

    His dramas are always highest rating. PSY FIGHTING!!!

    February 8, 2011 at 5:53 am

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