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►►Wonder Girls’ Sunmi finally enrolled

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After being gone for almost a year now, JYP Entertainment announces Sunmi’s official enrollment into the class of 2011 at Dongguk University.

On January 4th, JYPE revealed, “Sunmi has decided to enroll at Dongguk University. She will be attending the same school as SNSD’s Yoona, Seohyun, and fellow management company member, JOO.”

Back in October 5th, it was announced that Sunmi had been admitted to Dongguk University after passing the university’s required exams, but after, she decided to also take the College Scholastic Aptitude Test in November, proving that she was accepted by her own efforts and not through special celebrity treatment.

When the news that some known idols were admitted to Dongguk University broke, many netizens had bad reactions and complained, saying that it was unfair for some of these stars to be admitted “so easily” only because of their names, but it seems Sunmi has proved everyone wrong.

We wish Sunmi much success in her academics as a student of Dongguk University!

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