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►►After School to comeback with 9 members!

After School will be returning as a nine-member group this March!

On January1st, Pledis Entertainment spoke with Star News and revealed, After School will be releasing their album as early as March. Their latest addition, Noh Lee Young, will be joining them, so please look forward to a new nine-membered After School.

After School debuted with the concept of ‘admissions’ and ‘graduations,’ just like a real school. Through auditions, they’ve been adding members since their debut in 2009, starting with UEE, then Raina and Nana, Lizzy, and more recently, Noh Lee Young.

Noh Lee Young was first introduced at MBC’s “2010 Gayo Daejun” held on December 31st and appeared in the middle of the group’s “Bang!” performance with an impressive guitar break. Despite her introduction being short, she’s already left quite the impression on viewers and netizens.

She’s also the winner of the 2007 and 2008 Geumsang and Daesang at the Kangwon-do Teen Gayo Festival, and will be graduating from high school this February.

Cr: Star News via Nate + allkpop

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