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►►IU explains why she changes ideal men constantly

During a recent interview with TV Report, artist IU revealed much about  her thoughts and dreams.

»    “I’m a little scared now that what I wanted to say is either edited or interpreted in a way that I did not mean.”

‘Popular’ IU’s expression isn’t just bright. IU, who always smiles brightly with her round/clear eyes, now has a shadow over one part of her face. It could be that she has such a busy schedule due to her amount of popularity, but there is more to it.

On the 29th, IU told TV Report through an interview,

“I’m more than thankful for all the love people are suddenly giving me. But it is true that it feels a bit burdensome, now that there are so many things I have to be careful about. Because everything I say or do becomes an article, I feel scared.”

»  Giving up college? Yearly sales of ~$5 million?

After releasing her third mini album, REAL, on the 9th, the title song ranked at the top of various on and offline music charts. After getting an all-kill on music programs, IU has become the ‘it girl’ in today’s music world. The spotlight following the ‘it girl’ is like fate for a star. Numerous reporters from different mediums have been fighting to get the latest scoop on IU, making them pull up even the most provocative news. For IU, talk about ‘giving up college’ and having ‘yearly sales of ~$5 million’ have put her in a sticky situtation.

“I’m the type of person that thinks ‘Attempt everything and give it your all’. If I applied to college, I would want to study consistently, but seeing how my activities are, I didn’t think that would be possible. That’s why I decided I would put my all into music now, and go to college once I feel confident enough. But, it wasn’t to the point where I was hurt, but cutting my originally meaning to ‘giving up college’ made me disappointed. Also, it was said that another reason I wasn’t attending university was because I had yearly sales of ~$5 million, which I don’t even know about.”

» Constantly changing ideal type?

IU has become the number one singer to receive lovecalls from male singers for her cute image and exceptional singing. The part in her single ‘Good Day’ that says, ‘I just like you, oppa,’ is another factor in the number of ‘samchon/uncle fans’ she has been gaining. Because of that, many are curious as to who national little sister IU’s ideal type is. However, they have changed quite a few times. First it was Big Bang’s Taeyang, then Yoo Ah In, Yoo Seung Ho, and recently Kim Tae Woo. IU had many things to say on this as well.

“Honestly, there really wasn’t anybody that I said was my ideal type. I just like a kind person that has good self control, but people that are nearly perfect are burdensome. The first person I hinted at was Taeyang oppa, but I really like him as just a fan. After a few times, my mom told me to stop talking about [ideal types] because I sound like an ‘idiot’, but people keep asking who my ideal type is. When I said I didn’t have one, they told me to pick one amongst a random selection. For instance, “Who would you want a scandal with from ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’?” Or even, “Which male partner that you sang a duet with was the most comfortable [to work with]?” I couldn’t not answer the question, which is why I did, and soon enough, my ideal type was constantly changing. (laughs) But they’re all great guys. I’m even more worried that they’re displeased after getting connected with someone they’ve never met before.”

»   ‘Untouchable’ IU?

More than anything, one of IU’s biggest worries is that all the fans, that have been giving her an immense amount of love, don’t turn to negative fandom. Already, IU’s ‘samchon/uncle fans’ have had their take at 2AM‘s Im Seulong for their hug performance, as well as Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk and Shindong. 2PM‘s Wooyoung has been experiencing similar jealous responses from fans, as he will be acting as a couple with IU in the upcoming drama ‘Dream High’ on the 3rd. ‘It girl’ IU has also gained the title of being ‘untouchable’ in the entertainment world.

“I don’t worry about having anti-fans. If I get anti-fans even when I’m doing well, it can’t be helped, but I will have to work that much harder. Also, if I can’t focus on my work because of them, then I’d be sorry to my fans. However, something I do want to tell my fans is that ‘other people consider their favorite singers just as precious as you do with your favorite singer’. I’m always thankful, but I hope my fans would compliment and watch over other singers as much as they do for me.”

Source: Jo Wooyoung (via
Translation: ch0sshi

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