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►►2PM’s Nichkhun speaks out against texting?

2PM’s Nichkhun recently left a message on Twitter in English, telling fans about the potential harm of distractrion from technology while driving.

On his Khunnie0624 account, he wrote:

Let technology assist you,not distract you. Worst case is while driving. Be responsible, you never know whose life you may end up taking.

Meanwhile, the Thai prince also won the Popularity Award from MBC Entertainment Awards night on December 29th for his coupling with f(x)’s Victoria. Congratz!

It’s good to know once in a while that celebs care to speak out such irresponsible behaviors. So think twice before you use your cellphone while driving!

Cr: Khun’s Twitter + Soompi + kpoprants@wp

2 responses

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  2. kojee

    awww khun is always so sweet and kind 🙂

    April 27, 2011 at 10:01 am

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