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►►[VIDs] JYJ reveals 6 teasers for upcoming Korean album

JYJ has revealed six teasers from their upcoming album on December 28th.  Snippets from songs “Mission”, “Puppet”, “I.D.S.”, “Nine”, “Fallen Leaves”, and “Nameless Song Part 1” are now available on JYJ’s official webpage.

Fans who attended JYJ‘s concert last month may have already experienced a preview of the songs, but the rest can listen now.  The songs were written and composed by the members themselves.

JYJ released a statement about the new music.  “We wrote these songs just for the concert but decided to release it as a special album since we received favorable reviews from the fans.  These tracks are special since they aren’t love songs but about ourselves.”

The album is a special concert album that will be released in photoessay format in early January 2011.

Cr: soompi

One response

  1. Tarits

    Just listening to the song teaser-previews already excites me! JYJ – three talented guys that deserves the success they enjoy. I hope fans from all parts of the world continue to support them. I watched their LA concert and they are the best!

    December 28, 2010 at 9:58 pm

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