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►►Suju’s Ryeowook, “I really like IU lately”

Super Junior‘s main vocalist Ryeowook (23) has admitted he considers himself a fan of IU.

In a recent interview with Sports Seoul, Ryeowook confessed he’s a fan of IU, saying “I really like IU lately. She sings so well.”

He described what happened when IU won the SBS Inkigayo Mutizen award on the 19th. “When IU’s name was called for the Mutizen award, I burst into applause, and I didn’t even leave the stage, I just kept clapping”, adding that it was “Really refreshing”. He explained the last comment by saying “Lately idol groups are usually the winners on music shows, and with IU, a female soloist, winning first place it seems like the shows are being revitalized, it’s a great feeling.”

Meanwhile, Ryeowook, whose excellent voice has made him a lead vocal in Super Junior, has been making a name for himself in the field of drama OSTs as well. As he has already contributed to the OSTs for dramas such as MBC’s “My Happy Home”, KBS’s “President”, and SBS’s “It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl”, it seems like he’s on his way to becoming a singer who specializes in OSTs.

Original source: Sports Seoul

Translated by: Jubee at
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