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►►BEG JeA’s “Because You Sting” becomes controversial

Brown Eyed Girls’ Jea has been enjoying much success on her song, “Because You Sting.” Her music video has also gotten attention because of her bathtub scene that she was able to pull off as a mature woman.

However, her song has been accused of having a curse word. MBLAQ G.O.’s part says “Please don’t be hurt,” but some are saying that “please” sounds like a curse word. In Korean, the word is pronounce jae-bahl, and some are saying that it sounds like the curse word shi-bahl.

Jea’s company was alarmed by the accusations and explained, “We listened to it again, and we realized that it may seem like that.” When accused of noise marketing, they expressed their hurt by saying, “It was definitely not meant on purpose. We’re very proud of this song. We do not feel that this song needs any noise marketing.”

Source: Frontier Times
Credit: Koreaboo
Shared By::Leowyy@4everlastings

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