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►►BEAST’s Kikwang got burnt by Park Tae Hwan

BEAST’s Kikwang has been put in the spotlight for his short height yet again.This time it’s by Korea’s favorite Olympian swimmer Park Tae Hwan.

On the episode of “Win Win” that aired on the 28th, Kikwang and Olympic gold medalist Park Taehwan greeted each other for the first time as same-age friends. However, when both of them stood up, Kikwang noticed a certain difference that he balked at.

Park Taehwan is 183 cm tall and Kikwang is 170 cm, making Park Taehwan tower over Kikwang by 13 cm. Kikwang noticed this on the monitor screen and said, “What is with this two-shot?” However, many fans have reassured him that his height (or the lack thereof) does not affect their love for him.

Do you find Kikwang‘s height to be one of his charms as well?

Cr: Koreaboo + The Star

One response

  1. Beast for the World!

    Haha!!! ^o^ I feel sorry for Kikwang… I hope he still grows

    January 1, 2011 at 5:16 am

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