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►►YG Family does goodwill for the Holidays

While you may be unwrapping presents and sleeping the winter’s cold away, YG Family – Se7en, Big Bang, 2NE1, Sean & wife – is out doing the good will! They have been delivering coals for houses in need of warmth this winter for a charity called “Love Briquettes.”

On Twitter, December 27th…



사랑의 연탄 나르기!!! with YG FAMILY~!!! 따뜻한 마음을 나눠요^^


Holding our charcoal of love!!! with YG FAMILY~!!! Sharing our warm hearts with you ^^


열심히 일하고 먹는 간식은 꿀맛!!!^^ w 다라&민지!!


We will work hard for our delicious snack!!! ^^ w Dara & Minji!!

Source: Se7en’s Twitter
Translated by: Aoiare @



“The Pursuit of Happiness”‘with’YG Family just trying to give love back to the community look 4 BigBang 2ne1 Seven

Cr: Sean’s Twitter

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