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►►Top middle-aged K-Celebs who still have “the looks”

An online movie ticket site, Max Movie, conducted a survey from December 22-23rd asking who people thought was the most attractive middle-aged pretty boy.

2,752 people participated and Cha Seung Won took 48.8% of the votes (1,344 voters), giving him a solid win at first place. Cha currently has been garnering much attention for his role in the new drama “Athena: Goddess Of War”. Voters commented that Cha seems to just get better with age in terms of his efforts and acting. Also, they complimented the 40-year-old star saying that he could pass for a 20 or 30-something-year-old.

In second place was Kim Gab Soo with 18.8% of the votes (517 people). Netizens gave feedback saying that Kim was in so many various projects in 2010 and he was able to really bring every character to life. Also, that they gave him props for maintaining his youth and physique by using social networking sites (i.e. Twitter) and cycling.

Kam Woo Sung brought in 5.8% of the votes (159 people), Choi Soo Jong with 5.7% (157 people), and Cha In Pyo with 5.6% (155 people).


2 responses

  1. rhea

    my vote goes to cha seung won too… i mean he really is “the man” and he really looks yummy to me…. 🙂 He’s 41 yrs old but he’s more good looking nowadays compared to his younger looks….. especially in his Athena series… love his character there… he portrays effectively the villain’s role…. good luck to him in his future work!!! currently watching his The Greatest Love series….

    July 13, 2011 at 5:34 am

  2. MeMeMe

    Jung Woo Sung*
    Not Jam woo sung 😀

    July 4, 2013 at 4:31 am

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