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►►SM Artists top Hanteo Charts for 2010

SM artists have topped Hanteo’s annual “Singer Award” chart for 2010!

On top of them all them is SNSD. Based on album sales data collected by analyst Hanteo, the “Singer Awards” chart revealed that SNSD sold a total of 303,442 copies from January 1st through December 26th.

The chart takes into account all albums released throughout the artists’ career, but only factors in sales that those albums made during 2010.

As of December 26th, SNSD’s “Oh!” sold 123,668 copies, “Hoot” sold 94,942 copies, and their repackaged album released in February sold 57,037 copies. “Genie” and “Gee,” which were both released last year, sold 5,500 copies this year as well.

Super Junior ranked in second with 262,610 copies sold from 23 albums (132,127 copies of which came from “Bonamana“), SHINee came in third with 154,332 copies sold from nine albums (58,628 copies of which came from “Lucifer“), and JYJ came in fourth with 127,456 copies sold from three albums.

BEAST, who were recently honored as the only rookie group to have passed 100,000 in album sales this year, rounded out the top 5 by coming in at fifth with four albums.

Cr: allkpop via Shineee

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  1. SY

    Go SHINee kekek~~
    Love SMTOWN 😀

    So Nyuh Shi Dae & SuJu fighting!~

    February 16, 2011 at 5:07 am

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