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►►Olympian Park Taehwan asks 2NE1’s Dara out!

Or at least he tried to.

Park Taehwan met his ideal girl Sandara Park.

He recently appeared on a program called “Win Win” and chose his ideal girl to be Sandara Park of 2NE1, saying “I prefer girls who are older than me than younger girls. Someone sweet, I saw her by chance at a concert.”

When his ideal girl Sandara Park showed up, Park Taehwan became nervous, different from his confident figure at the Olympics.

Especially when Sandara Park asked, “Why me, of all members of 2NE1?”. He expressed his honest feelings answering, “You looked small, cute, and so active.”

When the MCs asked, “What if Sandara Park asks you to teach her how to swim?”. He answered “It’s an honor! I’ll do it free of charge and give her a full set of swimming devices. All she needs to do is to offer me a meal”, showing a little hope to ask her out.

++ Broadcast episode is scheduled December 28
++ Park Taehwan is an Olympic medalist swimmer and is said to a friend of TOP ^^

Cr: nate
Translated by:
Thanks to welovedara@twitter

Most adorable confession ever? I THINK SO. haha full set of swimming devices AND free lessons from one of the best! Take your chance, Dara!! XD

One response

  1. park taehwan really handsome…i have no idea that he friend wif t.o.p…..

    May 15, 2011 at 1:52 am

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