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►►J-Tune Ent. joins forces with JYPE

JYP Entertainment and J-tune have joined forces. (J-tune company Prez) Rain will be heading to the military next year, until then he wants to focus solely on his acting and singing. However,he needed someone to manage his company.

So, is he switching his company to JYP?

JYPE released the following statement to the press today:

“JYP Entertainment and its employees have become the biggest shareholder of J.Tune Entertainment via third-party shares allotment.Some time ago, J.Tunes’ talent Rain approached JYPE producer Park Jin Young with a proposal. Until he joins the army next year, Rain will focus solely on his singing and acting activities. He has requested that JYPE be in charge of his company’s management.In the future, Rain will be able to freely and actively promote himself with the best support behind him. In the last three years, Rain has gained a lot of experience, and we plan to create a strong and positive synergy.”

J-tune and JYPE expressed:

“JYPE’s shareholders had the same suggestion as Rain’s, and the proposal was completed after the review.”

Cr: POPseoul

Overall I think this could be a good idea since MBLAQ and Rain are not going anywhere really by themselves. I mean, SM has SM Town, YG has YG Family, JYP has JYP Nation, etc. I think merging companies when JYP is in serious debt is also not a bad idea.

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