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►►[Interview] MBLAQ reveal their rivals and secret nicknames

Get to know the MBLAQ boys better! All five recently sat down with Japanese magazine PATi PATi and open up to 65 super hilarious questions & answers!

Q01 What was your childhood dream?
G.O: I switched from basketball player to singer (I’ m actually not good at playing basketball)
JOON: Actor
SEUNGHO: Programmer
CHEONDOONG: Soccer player, cartoonist
MIR: President of the Orchar

Q02 If you didn’t become a musican what would you be?
G.O: Father of the family
JOON: Ordinary office worker
SEUNGHO: Machine related occupation
MIR: President of the Orchard

Q03 Do you have your own jinx?
GO:When I’m not doing things as usual some minor problems occurs
JOON: Jun does not
MIR: None

Q04 Who are your rivals?
G.O: Rain (Jung Ji Hoon) Hyung
JOON: Myself
SEUNGHO: All singers
MIR: All existing singers

Q05 is your nickname? (Reason)
G.O: Teol (Hair) G.O (Because I had a moustache as the concept for my debut……)
JOON: Little Fox (Rain’s nickname is Fox so mine is Little Fox……)
SEUNGHO: Yang Song (Since my real name Yang Seungho it sounds like that when one says it quickly)
CHEONDOONG: Gaeddongie (The nickname was given by my parents since they wanted me to grow faster)
MIR: Bang Ahji (Like a puppy running around)

Q06 The thing you would definitely do before a live performance is?
G.O: Stretch
CHEONDOONG: Eat very delicious food
MIR: Taking a deep breath

Q07 Your theme song?
G.O: Tiffany’s “Na Hon Ja Seo” (By Myself)
JOON: INDIA.ARIE, “The Heart of the Matter”
SEUNGHO: Trio Toykeat “Ab Fab”

Q08 The first thing you would do when you get up early in the morning is?
G.O: Stretch
JOON: Drinking water
SEUNGHO: Play music
CHEONDOONG: Rub my eyes
MIR: Drink water

Q09 The food you like is?
G.O: Korean cuisine & beef
JOON: None
SEUNGHO: Pork cutlet
MIR: Dak-bokkeumtang (Chicken stir-fry)

Q10 The food you dislike is?
G.O: Fish
JOON: None
CHEONDOONG: Vegetables
MIR: Pork cutlet

Q11 Coffee style? Black tea style?
G.O: Water (Mineral water)
JOON: Coffee
CHEONDOONG: Hot chocolate
MIR: Green tea

Q12 Your favorite phrase and habit that you can’t stop?
G.O: I don’t know
JOON: Touching my face
SEUNGHO: The habit of licking my lips
CHEONDOONG: Talking about my own plan
MIR: Scratching my body

Q13 Your favorite season is?
G.O: Winter
JOON: Spring
MIR: Summer

Q14 At this moment, the person you want to meet the most is?
G.O: Family
SEUNGHO: My grandfather who has passed
CHEONDOONG: My family and friends
MIR: Dad

Q15 At this moment the thing you want to challenge is?
G.O: Japanese
JOON: Body strength reinforcement
SEUNGHO: MBLAQ winning first place
MIR: New dream

Q16 First memories in life?
G.O: When I went to a zoo on Jeju Island with my family
JOON: When I was born
SEUNGHO: My most impressive memory is playing PC games
CHEONDOONG: The image of the place when I arrived at the Philippines for the first time
MIR: Walks with my family

Q17 When you compare yourself to an animal?
G.O: Cat, a slightly scary feeling… (Laughs)
JOON: Crocodile, fox
MIR: Puppy

Q18 What do you think you were in your previous existence?
G.O: Seonbi (Old days in Korea, it refers to an educated person who could not take on a government position)
JOON: I don’t believe in previous lives
CHEONDOONG:The third prince
MIR: The king of a country

Q19 What is your favorite scent?
G.O: No scent (There isn’t any scent I like in particular)
JOON: odor of a pool
CHEONDOONG: There’s none

Q20 The subject you were good at in your school days is?
G.O: Korean Language
JOON: Fine Arts, Physical Education
SEUNGHO: Mathematics
CHEONDOONG: Science, Physical Education
MIR: English

Q21 The thing that you hate the most in the world is?
G.O: Liars
JOON: Lies
CHEONDOONG: Spiders!! Vegetables!!
MIR: Hypocrites

Q22 The only task (thing) that you can’t stop is?
G.O: Singing
JOON: My current work
MIR: My dream (Singer)

Q23 The CD that you first bought by yourself is?
G.O: Stevie Wonder’s album
CHEONDOONG: Rain (Jung Ji-Hoon) sunbaenim’s first album
MIR: Rain’s (Jung Ji-Hoon) second album

Q24 The CD that you most often listen to recently is?
G.O: Ne-Yo “Cause I Said So”
JOON: INDIA.ARIE “The Heart of the Matter”
SEUNGHO: Trio Toykeat “Ab Fab”
MIR: Rain’s fifth album “Rainism”

Q25 Recently, the live performance that has moved you emotionally is?
G.O: Usher’s public performance in Korea
JOON: BMK – When Blooming Spring Comes, BOBBY KIM-Let Me Say Goodbye
SEUNGHO: Michael Jackson
CHEONDOONG: Live performance of MBLAQ’s G.O
MIR: Rain (Jung Ji-Hoon) sunbaenim’s live performance

Q26 Favorite book (author) that you like is?
G.O: None in particular
JOON: Murakami Haruki
SEUNGHO: “The Method to Become a Leader”
CHEONDOONG: “The Secret” Rhonda Byrne
MIR: Eiichiro Oda

Q27 Favortie TV programs?
G.O: “Fugitive” “1 Night 2 Days”
JOON: “JUNGLE FISH SEASON 2″ (The drama in which Joon is acting)
SEUNGHO: Sports programs
CHEONDOONG: “Infinity Challenge”
MIR: Music programs

Q28 The movie you like is?
G.O: “Training Day”
JOON: “Ninja Assassin” “Titanic”
SEUNGHO: The Bourne Series (The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy, The Bourne Ultimatum)
CHEONDOONG: SF!! Fantasy!!
MIR: “All Is Well” “The Man from Earth”

Q29 The gagman you like is?
G.O: Shin Dong Yeop, Yoo Jae Suk
JOON: Cho Hye Ryun
SEUNGHO: Kim Shin Young
MIR: Jung Juri

Q30 Funny man style? Straight man* style?
G.O: Straight man style
JOON: Funny man style
SEUNGHO: Straight man style
CHEONDOONG: Funny man style

Q31 Currently the thing you are crazy about is?
G.O: Japanese language study and new album work in Korea
JOON: Reading the script of the drama
SEUNGHO: MBLAQ’s new album
MIR: Straight man style

Q32 The song that you most often sing in karaoke is?
G.O: Eric Benet “The Last Time”
JOON: Jung Yup’s Nothing better
SEUNGHO: “Ha Neul Eul Dal Li Da” (Run Across the Sky)
MIR: Lee Eun Mi “Aeinisseoyo” (I Have a Lover)

Q33 A dating spot you recommend is?
G.O: Dark places (Can concentrate on each other)
SEUNGHO: Theatres
MIR: Seoul, Han River

Q34 The magazine that you always read is?
JOON: I don’t read magazines
SEUNGHO: Machine information magazines
CHEONDOOG: I don’t read magazines very much
MIR: “Weekly Shonen Jump”

Q35 If you were reborn the thing (person) you wanted to be is?
G.O: Justin Timberlake
JOON: Yoo Seung Jun
SEUNGHO: Michael Jackson
CHEONDOOG: Michael Jackson
MIR: World champion

Q36 Your way to relieve stress is?
G.O: Eat the food I want to eat
JOON: Talk with my family
SEUNGHO: Buy gadgets
MIR: Sleeping

Q37 What is the standby screen on your cell phone?
G.O: Lotus flower
JOON: My picture
SEUNGHO: Black background
CHEONDOOG: My childhood picture
MIR: My younger cousin’s picture

Q38 For cell phone mail, many emoticons style? Not many style?
G.O: The many side
JOON: The many side
SEUNGHO: Not many
CHEONDOOG:It is different by the occasion
MIR: I use plenty

Q39 For PC are you into Mac? Win?
G.O: Win
JOON: I don’t know
MIR: Win

Q40 The sushi topping you like is?
G.O: Squid
JOON: Flatfish, rockfish, snapper
CHEONDOOG: I don’t eat sushi
MIR: Prawn

Q41 The moment when you think “I’m a genius!” is?
G.O: When I have recalled something
JOON: There’s no such time
SEUNGHO: The moment when I have fixed all the machines
CHEONDOOG: When I have composed a good song
MIR: When I write out rap lyrics quickly

Q42 The person you respect is?
G.O: Rain (Bi) hyung
JOON: Father
SEUNGHO: Parents
CHEONDOOG: Rain (Bi) sunbaenim
MIR: Father, Jihoonie hyung (Rain (Bi))

Q43 The moment when you feel happy is?
G.O: When everyone in my family is happy
JOON: When I stood on the stage, when I act, the moment of resting when I’m tired
SEUNGHO: When I stood on the stage
CHEONDOOG: When I have achieved something
MIR: When I stood on the stage

Q44 The behavior of a woman that attracts you is?
G.O: When she fixed my appearance with her beautiful, delicate hands and when holding hands
JOON: When passing by in a nice fragrance
SEUNGHO: When an obedient person occasionally shows behavior like a spoiled child
CHEONDOOG: Smiling face
MIR: When she shows her pure expression only to me

Q45 Please tell us your underhanded trick of love
G.O: I don’t know
JOON: Tell only the truth to each other
SEUNGHO: Convey your real intention heartily
CHEONDOOG:Please tell me~!
MIR: Show the entire you

Q46 The scariest thing in the world is?
G.O: Doomsday
JOON: The general public
CHEONDOOG: Spiders!! Vegetables!!
MIR: Jihoonie hyung (Rain (Bi))

Q47 The thing that you are doing for your health is?
G.O: Drink supplement, oily food and sweets are prohibited
JOON: None
SEUNGHO: Vitamin supplement
CHEONDOOG: Take vitamins (supplement)
MIR: Don’t eat anything that is not good to the body

Q48 The thing that although you hated in childhood, now you have come to like is?
G.O: Women
JOON: Friends that I had quarrels with
SEUNGHO: Spicy jjigae
CHEONDOOG: Conversation
MIR: Vegetables

Q49 The dish that you are best at making is?
G.O: Kimchi Fried Rice
JOON: I can make only the (instant) ramen really deliciously
MIR: Ramen

Q50 The eco task that you pay the most attention to is?
G.O: Don’t litter in the street
JOON: None
SEUNGHO: Waste sorting
CHEONDOOG: Clean up the garbage
MIR: Don’t litter in the street

Q51 Your outfit when sleeping is?
G.O: Short-sleeved t-shirt, bottom is pajama
JOON: I don’t wear any clothes if possible
SEUNGHO: Underwear
CHEONDOOG: Pajama with blue stripes
MIR: Underwear only

Q52 The thing that you must do before you go to bed is?
G.O: Music appreciation
JOON: Drink water
SEUNGHO: Listen to music
CHEONDOOG: Explore in my own world in my head
MIR: Imagining the future

Q53 Your average sleeping time is?
G.O: 8 hours
JOON: 3 hours?
SEUNGHO: 8 hours
CHEONDOOG: 2 hours~12 hours
MIR: 1 hour~8 hours

Q54 The place where you feel the most relaxing is?
G.O: Bathroom
JOON: At home, my room
SEUNGHO: In the car
CHEONDOOG: My room, home
MIR: Home in the countryside

Q55 An interesting dream that you had recently is?
G.O: None
JOON: The dream in which I steer an airplane
SEUNGHO: The dream in which I buy the gadget I want
CHEONDOOG: The dream in which I take pictures with the members
MIR: The dream in which I received a Daesang

Q56 Where do you want to go for overseas travel?
G.O: I want to go to Hong Kong again
JOON: Guam
SEUNGHO: America
CHEONDOOG: A comfortable place in quiet
MIR: New York

Q57 If you could bring only one thing to a deserted island what would you bring?
G.O: Swimsuit
JOON: Cell phone
MIR: Canned food

Q58 If you had a holiday for 1 month what would you do to spend it?
G.O: Eat delicious food for a week, watch movies for a week, sleep as much as I can for a week, and go for a trip for a week.
JOON: I want to go for overseas travel with my family
SEUNGHO: Round-trip in the whole country
CHEONDOOG: Play the games I want to play, eat, sleep, and play games again!
MIR: Hang out with my friends in the countryside

Q59 Lately the most interesting thing is?
G.O: Bought a ring from a brand I like in Japan
JOON: My mother’s birthday party
SEUNGHO: I became dongsaeng for a day after I’ve lost in a bet with the members
CHEONDOOG: Seungho became dongsaeng for a day
MIR: Recording

Q60 Lately the most irritating thing is?
G.O: None
JOON: Things don’t turn out as good as I thought
SEUNGHO The PC assembling didn’t turn out as good as I thought
CHEONDOOG:Disappointed in myself
MIR: When the recording didn’t go well

Q61 Have you cried lately?
G.O: No
SEUNGHO: When my grandfather passed away
MIR: I’ve cried a lot

Q62 Lately the thing that got you the most impatient is?
G.O: None
JOON: When something not good happened to my family
SEUNGHO: When there were still mosquitoes in our dorm even though it was soon to be winter
CHEONDOOG: When I was asked to go eat even though I had eaten (meat) secretly
MIR: None

Q63 So far the most painful memory is?
G.O: When my toe got cut by the lid of a can when I was a kid
JOON: When something not good happened to my family
SEUNGHO: Secret……
CHEONDOOG: A cold, high fever
MIR: When I broke my arm

Q64 For me, the best news in 2010?
G.O: Winning the “Republic of Korea Entertainment Arts Awards” Male Group Award
JOON: Was able to start my acting activities
SEUNGHO: MBLAQ got the first place for the first time
CHEONDOOG: When my nickname Gaeddongie came out from a program
MIR: MBLAQ got the first place in music program

Q65 Please “tweet” something
G.O: Wo~w! Good!
JOON: Ahnyeong (Hello)
SEUNGHO Here is Japan
MIR: MBLAQ hwaiting!!

Source: PATi PATi
Translated: &

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