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►►How f(x) spent their Christmas in Vietnam

f(x) showed their first Christmas since their debut through Koala, a program that shows the Korean culture across the world that has arrived in Vietnam. Here they spent a quite emotional and surprising Christmas together.

It so happens that it is Christmas when they were in Vietnam so they had a party. They personally decorated a well-known cafe with Christmas decorations and sang carols. They had also prepared gifts for the other members before they left for Vietnam and even exchanged cards that they had wrote on with words from their heart. That is why there were members who cried and made the staff feel really touched.

Korean students in Vietnam and some local Vietnamese followed f(x)’s van with tens of motorcycles, causing a big scene. Many of the videos and pictures that fans took had gained a lot of attention on the internet. f(x)’s inner feelings and various serious looks can be seen on 25 Dec’s broadcast.
Cr: chinese translation/泡菜辣火锅, info/ 尐_夏@winniebar
english translation/estarrz@khuntorialurve
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f(x)’s mother, Victoria transformed into Santa Claus for her members and gave them a surprise.

In 25 Dec’s f(x) Koala’s broadcast, f(x) member Victoria filmed a hidden camera and acted as Santa Claus, giving them a surprise, and received a punishment after she was exposed. Because of other schedules, Victoria arrived at Ho Chi Minh City later than her members and kept her arrival from them. This was her revenge for Hong Kong’s hidden camera and she had planned this earlier on. Victoria wore the Santa Claus suit moustache and waited for her members at the place that they were going. Victoria gave out sweets to the people around and got close to f(x) as a fan. Initially they did not know that it was Victoria and the members were flustered. Once they had recognised her, they were so agitated that their eyes were full of tears.

Victoria’s christmas surprise can be seen on 25 Dec’s MBC Every1.

Cr: chinese translation/ 舔酒杯的黑猫, info/willily0, JUST1JOKER@winniebar
english translation/estarrz@khuntorialurve
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