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►►Which K-Celebs do netizens wish to drink with during Christmas?

Actress Ko Hyun Jung and actor Hyun Bin win top poll in “Which celebrities you wish to drink wine on Christmas?”

Wine Center conducted the survey from December 13 to the 19th asking  ‘Which Artists do you want to drink wine together during Christmas?’
A survey to conduct and the results are Hyun Bin and Ko Hyun Jung, respectively, selected for male & female celebrity.

SBS drama ‘Secret Garden’  actor Hyun Bin with 37% (648 votes) took No. 1 position in popularity, followed in 2nd position SBS Drama ‘Athena: Goddess of War by actor Jung Woo Sung 21% (367 votes).

The three top singers are Lee Seung Gi with 18% (315 votes), in 4th position TV Mnet ‘Superstar K 2’ Jun Woo Seung 12% (210 votes), and 5th is singer Kim Hyun Joong 7%  (122  votes).

SBS TV Drama ‘Daemul’ actress Ko Hyun Jung tops in the female section with 42% (735 votes), SBS drama ‘Athena’ Soo Ae with 21% (455 votes) and SBS TV drama actress Ha JiWon won 18% (350 votes) .

Cr: Hankyung + translated by Halo21@ Soompi + edited by Kpoprants@wp

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