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►►SM finally agrees to shorten contracts for artists

We’ve all heard that Super Junior’s [ex-member] Hankyung has finally won the battle against SME. And that was the final blow to make SM change for the better.

After being sued by the members of JYJ and Super Junior’s Han-kyung, the company has since shorten their approx 13 year contract by 3 years.

SME quoted stating the following:

“As leaders of the industry, we have been cooperating closely with the National Assembly and other related bureaucracies in order to protect the rights and interests of our celebrities, and to aid in the advancement of Korea’s entertainment industry and the Hallyu wave.”

SM Entertainment was also told(by the FTC) to remove the clause about scheduling activities without the artist’s consent. Also, artists are no longer forced to pay astronomical fees if they break the contract.If they choose the break the contract they will pay average monthly sales of two years before the contract termination, multiplied by the number of months in the remaining period.

Cassies may have prompt others to see the unfair clauses in DBSK’s former contract,but it looks like those days are gone. SM Entertainment has learned the error of their ways with previous artists (especially with Han-kyung winning his case against them) and the company is trying its best to avoid any incidents like that from happeing in the future.

Cr: Popseoul

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