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►►MBLAQ to make a full-length album comeback in January

MBLAQ was originally scheduled to come back in November but with the reason of making up work the comeback had to be delayed. Without knowing the fans’ anticipation was sky high this situation rose suddenly.

MBLAQ is going to the stage in the second week of next year’s January. In this context a representative of the company on a phone conversation with Newsen said, “For as long as they have prepared I believe they established their place within existing idols. You will be able to receive the much more refined feeling.”

And now they finally revealed, “This album was roughly around 13 tracks but is now scheduled for 15 tracks”. In other words, lately idol groups release single albums to quickly sell their image but we can presume that MBLAQ is raising themselves to be ‘singers’ by enhancing their album with quality and perfection.

As for visuals, while keeping with the ‘black’ concept they’ve been emphasizing they’ve let us know that they will be showing a variety of images showing off their charms. In January 2011 with the K-Pop music comeback rush, anticipation is growing as to whether or not MBLAQ will properly solidify their position despite the expected results.

Cr: MBLAQattack

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