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►►Park Shin Hye wishes FTI’s Lee Hongki to be in Taiwan with her

Fellow bandmates (A.N.JELL) and co-actors (You’re Beautiful) Park Shin Hye and Lee Hongki are quite close. In fact, Park Shin Hye recently tweeted Hongki to come visit her in Taiwan (where she’s currently filming her new drama “Hayate Combat Butler”)!

ssinz: 섬군들이 누군가 했더니.. F.Tisland 를 말하는거였군요. 보고 한참을 생각하다가 빵~ 하고 터졌어요 크큭 !! 홍기야 대만 빨리와~~~~~ 놀러외 우리 촬영장에~

Translation: Who are the Treasure Islanders..They’re FT Island. I couldn’t think of the answer even after looking at it for ages, and then it suddenly came to me like a “pang” ~Hongki ah please come to Taiwan quickly ~~~~~ Visit us on set and play

Cr: Park Shin Hye’s twitter @ssinz
Translation: Park Shin Hye International Fan Club (

7 responses

  1. neysa

    we want jang geun suk

    December 23, 2010 at 11:24 pm

  2. rence

    i love their friendship…very close friends…very comfortable with each other..purely platonic…avant hye and hongstar, i love the both of you..please maintain the friendship that you have..

    December 26, 2010 at 1:40 am

  3. after school

    I LOVe jang geun SUk

    January 12, 2011 at 5:36 am

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    my second demand it is that you get rid of me from these so disgusting imposed conditions according to my priorities.
    i reffered them in my this letter(in other dates) and especially in my autobiography.
    as i said perviously i have MA degree in pure economy field from iran universities.but i dont like it and i would like traineeship courses,foregin languages courses,…
    if you can find these fields please contact me as soon s meanwhile i expect you give inhabitant right and find job,…in your countries for me right away.because my visa validity be expired 22 current janaury.please hurry up!
    please see me!
    i will become so glad if i could marry with sweden,…nymphet,free thinker,kind,blond hair,…teens in these has a lot of possitive externalities for me!i love these group of girls so much!
    any way i end my talks temporarily.
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    kind regards
    kaveh yousefzadeh

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    thanks for sweden migration office benevolently notice about me.but dears!
    i dont have home,work,…in sweden(stockholm).i trouble my brother .i am his guest.but he is married.and i can not stay in his home any longer(after my visa validity be expired).on the other of hand i want to work,pass traineeship courses,marry,…
    good!i can not be unemployed any longer.on the other of hand i described my so bitter conditions in iran.the satanists intend to kill my brother and uncle.afterward it may my situation be exit from this meanwhile i want to pass traineeship courses,learn music,sport,…courses as soon as possible too.i can not stay at home any longer.
    in meanwhile the satanists ban us and they have broken down my other brother mental system in one tolerate him.
    so!i expect you clarify my situation as soon as i said before i want home,job,…in sweden.
    i will be so glad if my future lady loves have sweden originality.i severely love sweden blond hair,blue eye,free thinker,nymphet teen girls!
    can you find these group of girls for me right away?
    if i marry with these group of girls(whether from sweden or europ,american,russian,far east,australian ones) i will become so prosperous!
    this matter is so important,vital and immergency for me!please consider the long term terrible imposed conditions to us more!i promise you that you can not tolerate my so bad imposed conditions in iran even for one minute!please judge with your conscience about me!

    unfortunately i am unemployed and i can not speak with these group of girls in metro,stores,streets,neighborhood,… i said before there are a lot of so cute,belle,…sweden girls in these places.these so good and nice sweden girls intoxicate any one! they are so better than flowers!
    the sweden girls are free thinker!this matter is so important for me.but this matter doesnt apply in iran. a lot of iranian people are traditional.they believe on superstitious ideas.this matter always annoy me a lot.because i hardly abhor from these kind of idea,ritual,custom…!
    i upset from these kind of rituals,…in iran.
    then!my love about sweden girls will duplicate!
    send my deep sincere love to all of sweden free thinker,nymphet girls!
    i wish i could marry with them right away. i expect they start their speaking with me. then i woo them and marry with them eagerly!

    i intend to notify my return ticket to iran is 22 current i expect you clarify my situation sooner.if this matter dont happen till that time,you can contact me in iran too. as soon as you agree with my demand i will come sweden and start my activity right away!
    please undestand me!please hurry up!
    i wait for your humanitarian,fairly cooperation impatiently!
    at least,if you accept my talks about my mom and dad,…murder,there dont happen a lot of certain ,suspicious,…murderes by the satanists in future!otherwise it may to occure a lot of murders through medical crimes,delibarate accidents,… in future!
    so!awaken your consciense ,please!take my talks serious!you can save a lot of people soul and life from certain death!unfortunately i live in one of hellish countries!
    please take yourself instead me!
    i hope my virigin information be so useful for you!
    i expect you cooperate me more.
    in meanwhile again i notify my main university degree is pure economy. but i hate this field. because it based on theoretical matters and econometric.both of them are hate severely!on the other of hand they spoil all of my future plans in the matters such as practic and learning music,sport,foriegn languages courses,…everlasting!i plan to go around of world in my longevity too!
    i want to pass simple,applied,interesting,…traineeship courses in!i expect you help me in this matter too!
    yes!living in iran is similiar living in hell.iran is alike mine field too!these matter become so more for free thinker and intelligentsia strata!the worst terrible crimes perform in iran easily!no one dare to complain?!because the main culprit is god!(a lot of persons say this matter vividly)!
    they killed my mother ,father,…cruelly!and then they accuse me as liar and visionary,…flagrantly!they widden different traps for us!they take my job,…on based worst nonsence reasons!they say me that i dont right to speak with girls!they obstruct in my marriage trend.they ironically say me my situation be clarify in doomsday!and i must tolerate these so terrible imposed conditions till resurrection morning!?they want to impose their so disgusting ideologies to me by force.if i dont agree with them,they ban me,…and they take my basic rights impudently and skilfully!they are satan really!they want to divert my living,marriage,…to if i live in football stadium!
    yes!they want to kill 2 other persons soon!even they ironically assert that my family,…sacrificed numbers isnt sufficent!?
    so!i expect you take me serious!if you accept my pettition and disclose the murderers essences in public,you can inhibit other certain suspicious crimes and murders in future.otherwise it may these trend be extended!in finnaly i expect you help me till i get rid of from these so hateful imposed conditions right away!please read my autobiography surely!

    thank you!
    kind regards!
    kaveh yousefzadeh

    this is kaveh yousefzadeh. considering my so bitter autobiography,…i expect you help me till i dwell in sweden,usa or one of other secular societies. my country is a real hell!
    a lot of persons lie and trick to one another delibrately. any one can become sick in my society,…some of people suposse they are god and other satanic manifistations reprasantative!so they sicken and kill one another easily by medical crimes,delibrate accidents,…!
    these so filthy group of people have unemployed me for long years on futile pretexts!they intend to continue their terrible crimes,…against us again!they want to widden so filthy traps for us!they want to 2 other persons in near future(my brother and uncle) as well. my country is full of these bastards,knavish,liar,impudent,dirty,stone hearted,jelouse,impostor,…persons. they vividly lie!the worse than it they accuse me as liar and visionary,…!
    i can not tolerate these so hateful conditions any my country sorrow is sacred and happiness is big sin!it said happiness is following animal instincts?!!
    my country is real hell!please believe me!
    please clarify my situation. as soon as you agree with my application for inhabitant in sweden,…i come your countries eagerly!
    my visa validity be expired one week later. so i expect you hurry up!
    i will become so glad if you specify my answer date exactly!
    please see me!
    i wait for your good news reply!
    kaveh yousefzadeh

    January 20, 2011 at 3:06 pm

    • samisamy

      you dumb

      May 25, 2012 at 11:45 am

  5. high sQy

    @above: what the heck such a comment is that?
    that’s about 170fold longer than the post.

    June 27, 2011 at 2:38 pm

    • blah

      so long a story i dun even wanna read it… 😡

      July 17, 2011 at 10:13 am

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