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►►[PICs] After School’s concept photos for “Love, Love, Love”

After School‘s subunit, Happy Pledis, has been known to be releasing a new single called “Love, Love, Love” as a charity fundraiser this Christmas. Since they will be releasing their teaser MV on December 7th, the girls came out with their photo concept first.

The concept is said to be of a festive look for year-end parties, ranging in seven different looks and colors. The girls’ cheerful poses and glamorous bodies also add a bit of sexiness to album’s cute charm. Pledis Entertainment explained, “We will be showing off varying sides of After School’s sexiness and beauty. As previously announced, a portion of the profits for this album will be given to the ‘Save the Children‘ campaign, allowing music listeners to partake in a meaningful event.”

Cr: Allkpop + divadetention

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