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►►2pm debuts in Japan! + New Japanese things they learned

On December 6, korean “beast idols” 2PM has held an official press conference. There are a hundred of fans waiting for them since 8 a.m at the airport and the number has increased to a thousand by the time they arrive which is around 10 a.m. The fans welcome them with the holler “2PM! 2PM!”

During the conference, Nichkhun thanks fans for going to Korea to show their supports. He excitedly says that he wants to do many things in Japan and asks for more supports from the fans.

Back in September 2008, 2PM made a debut and released 『Hottest~2PM 1st MUSIC VIDEO COLLECTION&The History』 on November 24, 2010. Followed by 『01:59PM ~JAPAN SPECIAL EDITION~』which is to be launched this December 8 and platinum showcases will be held at Hokoku Hall on the same day.

Chansung expresses his desire to do activities in Japan “the most important is to make ourselves known overnight. That’s showing each member’s character”. And the member who’s called the beast idol, Taecyeon, enthusiastically says “the name “beast idols” was first called in Korea so from now on, we’ll try to show strong and manly stage performances”

Besides this, the members also speak Japanese words that they have recently learned:

Chansung “Buffet” (guess who’s the fatty of the group? LOL!)

Junho “All set”

Wooyoung “Happiness”

Nichkhun “No~~I’m not that good”

Junsu “Why?” (in Kansai dialect)

Taeceyon “Muscles bulging” making people burst out laughing

japanese-Thai: FAh63 @2pmalways | Thai-Eng: Muize @2pmalways

2PM Q&A from Japan Web Mobile

Q :: 日本と聞いて何を思い浮かべますか。 What do you think of when you think of Japan?
Taecyeon :: 北海道の雪 / Hokkaido snow

Q :: 死ぬ前に最後にもう一度食べたい物ってありますか。 What would you like to eat before you die?
Nichkhun:: 明日死なない薬 / Drug that keeps me alive on the next day

Q :: 大好き物を教えてください。/ Please tell us your most favorite thing
Wooyoung:: チケン!!どの部位もおいしくてチケン料理だったらどれもおいしいです。 Chicken !! Whatever dish with chicken are always good.

Q :: 今一番欲しいものは・・・ / Thing that you would like to have the most now…?/
Junho:: うむ、・・・最近寮がいっぱいで、・・・だから、・・・欲しいのは自分だけのスペース?hmm….there are lots of stuff in our dorm…., so I want to have my own space?

Q :: 絶対!に食べれないものは・・・ Foods that you can’t have at all are…./
Junsu:: 好き嫌いはないです!!けど、香りの強いものは苦手かも^^ なんでもOKです!!(笑) /I don’t have things that I hate or love!! but I think I don’t like things with strong smell ^^ Anything is OK!! (laugh)

Q :: ボクがよく使う絵文字を教えちゃいます!/ Do you have any emoticons that you often use? /
Chansung:: ありますよ!! 僕は「^^」、「ー」をよく使います。そして「>_<」も!! / I have!! They are ^^ ー and > _ < too

Thanks to TK*JiJaR for sending this to us
japanese-Thai by TK*JiJaR
Th-Eng by Offogato

BONUS: 2PM’s First Lunch in Japan!

Cr: @lushy_love via @nutitle
Taken from: 2pmalways

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