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►►2PM’s WooYoung dresses up as a girl for JYP Nation concert?

JYP Nation, consisting of JY Park, Lim Jeong-hee, Wonder Girls, Joo, 2PM, Miss A and rapper, San E, will be packing the stage for a Christmas Eve performance at Olympic Park.

Can you spot Wooyoung in this promotional photo?


The 2PM member donned on a makeup disguise (wearing a white suit and hat). One netizen exclaimed, “I couldn’t find him at first and was totally surprised.”

And speaking of JYP Nation, what happened to 2AM?

Concert information:
JYP Nation’s 2010 Team Play Concert:
Date: December 24th
Location: Olympic Park
Seats: SR 99,000won / R석 88,000 won / S석 77,000won / A석 55,000won (including VAT)
Tickets sold via Interpark.

Cr: Popseoul + Ilgan Sports

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