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►►[VID + PICs] SISTAR – banned “How Dare You” MV + Concept photos

SISTAR‘s comeback is a little too sexy for anyone to handle. Major broadcasting station, KBS had previously rejected the lyrics for their comeback track “How Dare You” because of its lyrics were too “demeaning”.

And now to make matters worse, the group’s MV has been indefinitely banned for its use of a stripper pole, despite the fact that the representative of SISTAR came forth on November 22nd and stated, “The pole dancing concept isn’t the group’s core concept, it’s just for the music video. There will be nothing provocative. The concept was used in the music video to express the healthy images of the members.” Check it out below…if you dare.

Meanwhile, they’ll be making a comeback on December 3rd.





Cr: Allkpop + PopSeoul + Soompi

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