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►►Japanese fans can’t get enough of 4Minute

It has been reported that both days of girl group 4minute‘s solo concerts in Tokyo and Osaka have been completely sold out according to officials from the venues.

The mini tour, entitled “4Minute LIVE Energy Vol.2 DIAMOND” will be held on the 4th at Zepp Tokyo and on the 5th in Osaka at the DOJIMA RIVER FORUM. The girls will be performing the songs that helped to catapult them to rising star status, including “First,” “Muzik,” and “Hot Issue,” all in Japanese, which will certainly make for a hot stage.

With performances never before seen by the public, the girls will certainly capture Japan’s hearts. Fans are already excited for the concert, which promises to recreate a club feel thanks to their lively tunes and the fact that the concerts are standing only.

Representatives for the girls have said, “4Minute will repay the fans who have always supported them with a wonderful stage, and through their intensive Japanese studies and preparations for solo performances, they hope everyone will enjoy the solo concerts.”

Cr: Innolife + 4-minute

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