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►►IU to make comeback with MBLAQ’s Thunder

It didnt take long for fans to find out more on IU’s upcoming comeback, and it’s even more exciting now that MBLAQ’s Thunder is in the picture!

After revealing a teaser photo for her comeback (below), it has been reported that the singer will be collaborating with MBLAQ’s Thunder for her next album. IU and Thunder have appeared on the fifth season of MBC’s “Idol Army”, so both know each other very well. Thunder will take part in rapping for a track on IU’s album, titled “Merry Christmas in Advance”. The song, which has been produced by Shinsadong Tiger, will have a Christmas appeal to its audience.

IU’s album titled “REAL” will be released on December 9th, so stay tuned!

Cr: Soompi

One response

  1. IU and thunder certainly very suitable to be lovers,they are very suitable

    December 31, 2011 at 12:46 am

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