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►►Co-Ed gave up two songs for T-ara’s “Temptastic”

…they practically took two of the best songs from the album from Co-Ed =.=”

T-ara’s new title track “Yayaya,” is revealed to be made for labelmates Co-Ed.

A representitive from T-ara’s agency, Core Contents Media, spoke with Star News on the 2nd stating,” T-ara‘s song ‘Yayaya’ was originally planned for 10 member group Co-Ed,” He said, “but after the members of both groups listened to the song, they agreed that it fit T-ara better, and it was then confirmed to be their new album’s official title track. T-ara members also showed a strong attachment to the song, and Co-Ed was already satisfied with ‘Too Late.'”

Then continuing, he added, “Another song that the album contained, ‘Ma Boo’, was also made for Co-Ed, who presented it to their seniors after hearing them sing it so beautifully.”

Meanwhile, T-ara will have their first comeback on KBS 2TV Music Bank on December 3rd.

Cr: ☆ 원유란 @Diadem

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