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►►2AM’s SeulOng and Changmin are bipolar with women

On a recent broadcast of ‘Happy Together‘, 2AM members and Jeon Hyun Moo were asked, ‘Which 2AM member is the most different in front of girls?’ After the voting ended, Seulong received 3 votes and Changmin received 2 votes.

Jo Kwon expressed, ‘Even though Seulong is usually an attentive person, in front of girls, the look in his eyes is different. In particular, his eye-smile is very charming.‘ To demonstrate what Jo Kwon meant, Seulong showed off his eye-smile and captured the hearts of the audience.

On the other hand, Seulong voted for Changmin. Seulong revealed that Changmin is a ‘lacking man’ in front of girls. He said, ‘Changmin is very cold to girls, which makes them feel like it’s the first time they’ve been treated like this by a man.‘

Changmin objected, “After Seulong and IU sang a duet together, he doesn’t refer to her by her stage name anymore, but calls her ‘Ji Eun-ah‘,” revisiting the point that Seulong has a way with women.

Cr: allkpop + nate

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