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►►C.N BLUE’s Minhyuk is a fan of…

CNBLUE’s drummer Minhyuk tweeted on his Twitter on December 1st a picture of him holding a DVD smiling. Why is that?

He wrote, “I should have read ‘Daddy’s Daughter’ script.. but I was impressed by Seotaeji band appeal that wouldn’t get out of it TT the forces of Live band! TT TT Seotaeji sunbaenim the best!!!”

What Minhyuk has is  “2009 SEOTAIJI BAND LIVE TOUR – THE Mobius DVD & BLU-RAY SPECIAL EDITION”:…ISBN=9222331036. It has been known that this was a present a fan gave him.

Since CNBLUE is a live band itself, I guess Minhyuk wants to learn from the best (Seo Taiji is a very famous Korean band), right? 🙂

Cr: saturn.@Soompi



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