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►►Miss A’s Min gets caught in a texting scandal

Miss A’s Min sure knows how to get on headlines. After other incidents such as kissing a male model, here she goes again..getting netizens talking!

On the 27th, miss A’s Min was a guest on the show “Quiz to Change the World.” She showed off Girls’ Generation’s ‘Hoot’ choreography in her own style, getting cheers from the audience.

However, after her turn was over and it was December member DK’s turn to be introduced, she completely ignored everything else; she crossed her legs and started texting on her phone. It looked bad because her sunbaes were listening and paying attention, but she had her head down by herself, intent on texting.

Viewers criticized her for being rude and noted that this wasn’t the first time she had acted this way. They pulled out pictures from “100 out of 100” where she was doing the exact same thing, while everyone else was paying attention to the MCs.

Check out the screenshots below. Do you think Min was out of line for texting during filming?

Picture #1 explained: JYP Entertainment, came forth to state, “It is true that she was looking at her phone throughout that scene.” They continued, “However, this was simply because at the time, the individual she was meant to call for the ‘Sudden Phone Speed Quiz’ corner was not picking up. She was asked to discover a new contact which was why she took out her mobile phone.”

Cr: koreaboo

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  1. Shawn Vue

    Love her!!!!

    March 23, 2012 at 4:05 am

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