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►►KARA reveals their Japanese crushes

On November 27th, KARA appeared on the variety show “MERENGE no Kimochi” with the host Hisamoto Masami, guest Mitz Mangrove and announcer Hatori Shinichi. They revealed their favorite Japanese male performers on the show.

During the program, KARA let everyone know that their chief manager is a big fan of AKB48. They shared that he awkwardly says “(Aishiteru…) I love you…” to them in Japanese. KARA’s members then expressed their feelings towards Japan’s top idol group AKB48. Nicole answered, “We want to become friends with them. We want to go out to eat and have a good time with them”. AKB48 and KARA have had a meeting together on a program before, but it seems they look forward to a private sort of interaction.

Hisamoto asked KARA, “Is there a Japanese performer that you think is cool?” Seungyeon responded, “Abe Hiroshi” and Gyuri answered, “Mukai Osamu” (totally agree with Gyuri 😉 ). They seem to know quite a great deal about male Japanese performers. Furthermore, the girls stated that one way they study Japanese is by watching Japanese dramas. They’re currently into “Hotaru no Hikari 2”. In that same drama Usuda Asami plays the role of Sakuraki Mika, who KARA was also able to meet.

And Nicole said her favorite performer was “Kimura Takuya”.  Also Jiyoung is an Arashi fan. She was asked, “Which member do you like?” and she became embarrassed and answered, “Matsumoto Jun”. We unfortunately didn’t get to hear who Hara’s favorite performer is. We hope that she lets us know at the next opportunity.

Cr: gator_yoong + dkpn

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