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►►F.T Island and C.N BLUE to design…backpacks

haha my two favorite rock groups to design MAN bags >:)

FT Island and CNBLUE’s agency, FNC Music launched their own brand for bags. The brand, called “Cemula” comes from the words ‘celebrity’ and ‘formula’ dubbed to mean “the official celebrity”. The logo for the brand is a modified ‘power button’ to symbolize it as a trend setter.

FNC Music, collaborated with Margaritte in the process of planning and producing the high-quality star brand, “Cemula” that targeted teens in 10-20 years of age.

The bags are specifically designed for the target group aged similar to FT Island and CNBLUE members.

The rather different external design of the bag reflects the brand logo (referring to the unique-shaped white and red one, I think) and have compartments for users to put their smartphones, notebooks, water bottles et cetera.

The “Cemula” bag packs are design for school and college students. In the future various designs such as messenger bag, shopping bag, casual bag will be produced to target women and others.


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