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►►DBSK to come back…as a two-member group


Tohoshinki/DBSK/TVXQ, a popular five-member Korean group which is now suspending activities will revive with two members. Their agency SM Entertainment made the announcement on 23th in the Korean official website that the two members are Yunho(24) and Changmin(22). According to sources, their releasing CD and recording songs in Japan is on the schedule.

The Korean top group will come back in the next January, however, as a two members group.

The thunder-like announcement was published on SME’s official website on 23th,Nov. It is titled “2011, TVXQ Will Come Back to Us” reporting that Yunho and Changmin will restart their activities. Having cultivated and cherished TVXQ for a long time, they shows the determination that they will continue heading forward with the two members as TVXQ.

The five-member group, which debut in 2003 in Korea and targeted Japan as development center of overseas market have become a Star step by step. From
Kohaku Uta Gassen(Red-White Singing Battle) in NHK till now, the five boys haven’t been on a same stage together. In April, the activities suspending announcement published.

On the one hand, Yunho and Changmin performed in drama as solo and have kept on their music activities. During the SM TOWN Concert in August, the two published new song. According to relatives, entitled with TVXQ, they can now entered into Japan and recordings on the releasing of new songs have finished now.

SM Entertainment Japan presented that everything will be according to the contents in the official website. Avex which holds the agent management in Japan responded that they will respect their opinion because it is the decision of SM Entertainment which is the mainbody of the agent management.

Loving TVXQ with five members for years, fans are now having mixed emotions, but that name, will blossom in Korea and Japan.

Source: SanspoBaiduTVXQ
Translation: zoe91 @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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