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Archive for November 30, 2010

►►Super Junior Kyuhyun’s butt-naked picture is used for anti-Korean movement?

Super Junior Kyuhyun‘s butt-naked picture was photoshopped by a Chinese ELF for Super Junior’s SS3 concert, but it has recently been used in an Anti-Korean movement in Taiwan “regarding [a] disqualified TaeKwonDo athlete.”


►►[Interview] Chansung tells KOOL, “Giving a woman a score looks so 2PM-ish”

…Chansung has my favorite line out of 2PM’s interview for KOOL Magazine in Japan. XD

2PM, the group which attracted Korean people with their overwhelming performance, finally arrives in Japan. Finally, they make a debut in Japan with their 1st DVD “Hottest~2PM 1st MUSIC VIDEO COLLECTION & The History~”.
The DVD includes music videos of their Korean debut song “10 Out of 10” as well as many hits which ranked high in the music chart. We can call it the greatest hits DVD, considering the fact that it summarizes their 2-year activities in Korea.

Q. 2PM is called the “beastly idol”. What’s the appeal point of the group?

Junsu: In a word, I think 2PM is a performance group.
Junho: 2PM is a group that is powerful and gives you the power.


►►DBSK to come back…as a two-member group


Tohoshinki/DBSK/TVXQ, a popular five-member Korean group which is now suspending activities will revive with two members. Their agency SM Entertainment made the announcement on 23th in the Korean official website that the two members are Yunho(24) and Changmin(22). According to sources, their releasing CD and recording songs in Japan is on the schedule.

The Korean top group will come back in the next January, however, as a two members group.

The thunder-like announcement was published on SME’s official website on 23th,Nov. It is titled “2011, TVXQ Will Come Back to Us” reporting that Yunho and Changmin will restart their activities. Having cultivated and cherished TVXQ for a long time, they shows the determination that they will continue heading forward with the two members as TVXQ.


►►[PICs] SNSD gets cozy for W Korea – December 2010

SNSD’s latest shoot for the December 2010 issue of W Korea magazine features all nine members dressed up in different winter outfits. My personal favorites are Yuri, Taeyeon, and SeoHyun. But of course, each member has their own flaunt. Check it out!


►►[VID] T-ara unleashes “Yayaya” MV!

Following their MV for the song “Why are you being like this?”, T-ara releases their newest album “Temptastic” along with an MV for the song “Yayaya”! How do you like it compared to the last?

I think compared to “Why are you…?”, its concept of Indian girls are much cuter but the music taste is kinda the same…not as catchy as their previous tunes.  But who knows? Maybe after a listen or two it’ll get stuck in your head!

►►[SCANs] Changmin creates a Tokyo Love Story in ELLE Girl December 2010

DBSK’s Max Changmin recently had a photoshoot for the December 2010 issue ELLE Girl. He also did a short interview talking mostly about, of course, girls.

A gentle love, and a Tokyo love story.

In regards to an invitation to a date, he’s more okay with it! From what he had said to us, he likes to play pool. At first we were just talking about how the scene would be like, but he became more serious over time. This is the first time we’ve seen this expression ❤
If I’m asked out by a girl for a date suddenly, I would feel so rejuvenated! I wouldn’t know how to react and my heart would beat crazily. Personally, I would want to give the person I like a meaningful surprise date. But in reality, there is not enough time for me to prepare for one due to work… There will be a day♪


►►[MP3/DL] T-ara releases 2nd mini album “Temptastic”

It’s finally here~! T-ara’s latest album “Temptastic”!

01. Yayaya


►►”Smile, You” actor Jung Kyung Ho ships off to army duty

Another enlistment day for another actor: This time it’s Smile, You star Jung Kyung-ho, who headed off on the afternoon of November 30 for five weeks of training, to be followed by 20 months of active duty. 😦

Jung debuted in the 2004 drama I’m Sorry, I Love You, and has since appeared in dramas Time of Dog and Wolf and Ja Myung Go — but it was really last year’s sweet, romantic family drama Smile, You, in which he starred opposite Lee Min-jung, that bumped him up to mainstream fame. I found him especially charming in that drama for being a hilarious example of the beta male — not always the most suave or the most commanding, but very endearing with his earnestness and spot-on comic timing. (He also had a nice role in a one-act drama, The Great Gye Choon-bin, which showcased a more somber, thoughtful side of his acting.)

Jung was sent off by a group of media and fans, and answered a few short questions before making his formal enlistment:

You’re enlisting in the midst of an unfortunate incident with the Yeonpyeong Island attack.

“With the current state of affairs, I have a heavy heart. But I’ll work hard and receive my training.”


►►[Interview] Jung So Min’s life after Playful Kiss, “Kim Hyun Joong is used to calling me Oh Ha Ni”

=.=” super long title…sorry.

Actress Jung So Min sat down with Innolife for a interview after a photoshoot with them. She reflects on her life and acting experience after her break-through role in the drama “Playful Kiss” with actor/singer Kim Hyun Joong.

►Since your partner/costar is Kim Hyun Joong, do you feel pressure?

“When I was young, I have learned dancing, I just started acting thinking that it might be useful/helpful for dancing. Anyway … “, if tell by emotion, like a late autumn day, when walking on the famous street full of falling golden/yellow leaves, I suddenly caught/saw it. Like in the drama Playful Kiss, when Oh Ha Ni, with those lovely smiling eyes, jump out playfully and said, “Nice to meet you (Happy to meet you).”


►►Lee Da Hae snags Top Asian Fashionista Award from Song Hye Kyo

Korean actress Lee Da Hae won an award at the 2010 China Fashion Awards (CFA) held in Beijing of China on November 27th.

“Thank you for honoring me with such a big award and I will try to pay even more attention to my fashion. I thank China for the great love you have shown me and I will repay you with better acting,” Lee was quoted as saying in the press release.


►►Miss A’s Min gets caught in a texting scandal

Miss A’s Min sure knows how to get on headlines. After other incidents such as kissing a male model, here she goes again..getting netizens talking!

On the 27th, miss A’s Min was a guest on the show “Quiz to Change the World.” She showed off Girls’ Generation’s ‘Hoot’ choreography in her own style, getting cheers from the audience.

However, after her turn was over and it was December member DK’s turn to be introduced, she completely ignored everything else; she crossed her legs and started texting on her phone. It looked bad because her sunbaes were listening and paying attention, but she had her head down by herself, intent on texting.


►►KARA reveals their Japanese crushes

On November 27th, KARA appeared on the variety show “MERENGE no Kimochi” with the host Hisamoto Masami, guest Mitz Mangrove and announcer Hatori Shinichi. They revealed their favorite Japanese male performers on the show.


►►KARA, SHINee, 2NE1, C.N Blue, Supreme Team and SNSD join together for…

…the 12th Korea-China Music Festival to be held in the KBS Hall, South Korea on the 2nd of December!

The event was organized for the effort to promote both cultures likewise and the Korean artists confirmed to attend are KARA, SHINee, 2NE1, CN Blue, Supreme Team and SNSD. The event will be broadcasted on the 12th of December on the KBS1TV Channel.

Cr: FanWonder

ooooh it sounds super exciting 😀

►►F.T Island and C.N BLUE to design…backpacks

haha my two favorite rock groups to design MAN bags >:)

FT Island and CNBLUE’s agency, FNC Music launched their own brand for bags. The brand, called “Cemula” comes from the words ‘celebrity’ and ‘formula’ dubbed to mean “the official celebrity”. The logo for the brand is a modified ‘power button’ to symbolize it as a trend setter.


►►Who worked it better? BEG’s Ga-In vs. Bae Doo Na

It’s Christmas time and everybody is busy shopping for pretty fur coats! Too bad Brown Eyed Girl’s Son Ga-In (All My Love) just happened to shop for the jacket as actress Bae Doo Na (Gloria) and they even wear them while filming their own dramas! Except, of course, Ga-In’s coat is orange and Bae Doo Na’s is brown.

Bae Doo Na



►►[VID] SHINee sings “Obsession 욕 (慾)” for “The Warrior’s Way” MV

If you look back at SHINee’s album “Lucifer”, you can see that Jonghyun wrote a song called “Obsession”.

Now, SHINee has released a music video that includes this song for the upcoming movie “The Warrior’s Way”, starring Jang Dong Gun and Kate Bosworth.  The MV is preceded by SHINee introducing the new video.  The video itself is a montage of behind-the-scene clips as well as shots from the movie.  The song has an electropop sound which complements the action scene clips.  Check it out! [soompi]

►►After School creates yet another subunit group called “Happy Pledis”?

A teaser picture was posted on After School’s website, featuring the 7 of the girls (Bekah is missing). With the name Happy Pledis on the top, it announces “Love Love Love” as their first single to be released on December 7th.

Since it says “first single”, it might be another After School sub group unit. Pledis Entertainment has not yet announced further information on the group’s comeback.

Cr: Soompi

As for me, I don’t see the point of Pledis making another sub group out of ALL members EXCEPT Bekah…what does that even say to her fans out there? That they’re “Happy Pledis” without her?? 😦

►►[PICs + VID] 2PM’s Nichkhun says “Merry Icemas”!

2PM’s Nichkhun once again go on solo advertising for the new “Merry Icemas” CF campaign of Baskin Robbins. Although Baskin Robbins is an American ice-cream brand, I have no idea how the Korean managers made “Christmas” into “Icemas” (does that even makes sense? or even a pun?) but ummm, you got both the ice cream cakes and Nichkhun, so that’s sweet enough. 🙂