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►►Brown Eyed Girls to make comeback in January next year!

One of my favorite girl groups, Brown Eyed Girls, are finally coming back as a group since their last album “Sound G” with the hit “Abracadabra” that got everyone hip turning! It’s been a year and they’re definitely one of the better comebacks, I think. 😉

The management agency for Brown Eyed Girls, Nega Network, released a statement recently about their activities as a group. “Currently, they’re working on their album, and they plan to make a comeback in January of next year,” the representative stated.

They added, “The members have been busy these days with their solo activities, and although they’ve had some great results, they plan to meet their fans as a group next year.”

The upcoming album will be their 4th. Fans are already in a state of high anticipation since their last single, “Sign“, was released a year and 3 months ago. The girls, knowing that they’ve got some high expectations to meet, are reportedly working hard on ensuring that their release will be a success.

Cr: Allkpop

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