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►►10,000 fans come to support FT Island’s new album “So today…” in Tokyo

10,000…that’s a lot of zeros! Gotto love them Japanese fans :’D

FT Island’s 3rd Japanese single “So today…” had attracted about 10,000 fans to its promotional events. About 10,000 fans turned up at their promotional events in Osaka and Tokyo on 20th and 21st November respectively. FT Island performed songs from their new single “Boom Boom Boom”, “I change for you” and “So today…”. They also had a hi-touch session with the fans at the end of the event in appreciation of their support.

Member Lee Jaejin wrote the lyrics for ”So today” and “I change for you” for this new album. Choi Jonghun also composed the song “Boom Boom Boom” with Lee Jaejin’s lyrics.

So far, FT Island had all 3 albums ranked top 10 in the Oricon chart, ever since their major debut. Spokesperson from FnC Music revealed that, “Though it was tiring for the members to travel back and forth to Japan, they enjoyed doing the activities. They’re doing their best in order to thank their fans for their support.”

FT Island will be holding a concert in Busan on 27th November.

Cr: Newsen + ying1005@withtreasures (translation)
Please bring out with full credits. Thank you.

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