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►►SHINee Key & Onew’s memorable hairstyles at Seoul Film + Community Service Awards

SHINee’s Onew hair grew long since “Lucifer” promotions and it just doesn’t know when to stop. Recently, he had to create a flippy new hairstyle in order to get the long bangs out of the way as he MC for the Seoul Film Awards:

Despite the fact that I hate his long hair & this ridic flippy new do, netizens seem to embrace it & even made a fan art out of it!

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Although…I have to admit Onew’s smile still kills 😉

Now moving on to Key’s spock hairstyle at the Community Service Awards 2010:

Hey Key, Minho called and he would like to get his hairdo back…and he seems to be looking for it all day long already:

But it’s alright if you don’t give his new do back, I like Minho’s hair freestyle:

Oh and in case you are a little Taemin or Jonghyun-biased…

Posted Image

Posted Image

Pics: Soompi

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