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►►[Interview] 2PM, “Our member Junsu lived in Singapore when he was younger”

On November 18th, 2PM had a short interview with OMY in Singapore as a chance to say hi to Singaporean fans~! The vid below shows all six members saying hi and advertise their Singapore tour in ENGLISH but of course, only Nichkhun and Taecyeon spoke really:

Q: You’ve released your latest album. Tell us what have you been busy with lately?

A: We are currently promoting our album, Still 2:00PM, try to be on variety shows, staying healthy and busy!

Q: Understand that you’ve also been traveling to different countries for performances, how are the experience? Do you feel any ‘cultural difference’ in terms of fan behaviour/audience reaction?

A: 감사합니다! (Thank you!) Fans from various countries often send us fan letters and presents, and whenever they do we’re always amazed. How do they know about us? Haha We’re always excited and happy that we have fans that care for us. I don’t think there are huge differences among different fans. The love and care they show us is always the same. Thank you!

Q: Have you heard any interesting things about Singapore from fellow band members of 2AM, Wonder Girls who had been in Singapore?

A: Definitely our member Junsu! He lived here during his childhood years so he often talks about it. Last time we came, we didn’t have much time so we couldn’t explore, but this time we hope to make time and discover the beautiful Singapore. I think Junsu will help guide us around.

Q: Tell us more about your performance? What do you hope your fans to feel/see when they see your performance?

A:Our performance will display dancing and acrobatics. I guess you can call it our distinction, but we plan to show an energetic, powerful, and masculine performance for everyone.

Q: You’ll be coming with bands of JYP, Miss A and 2AM. Any plans of collaborations on stage?

A: Haha, wait for our performance on stage to find out! I can’t ruin the fun by telling you in advance, sorry.

Q: Before you come to Singapore, any messages for your fans? Or anything/way they can prep themselves while anticipating for your performance in Singapore?

A: Hello 2PM fans in Singapore, We are 2PM. We will be finally returning to Singapore. We really, really missed you and we’re extremely excited to meet you again. Thank you for waiting for us and we hope you can all come out to see us at our concert!

Cr: Youtube

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