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Archive for November 20, 2010

►►[SCANs] Big Bang, 2NE1 and Psy in December issue of Arena Magazine – UPDATED!

YG Family members Big Bang, 2NE1, and Psy had a joint photoshoot together in the December 2011 issue of Arena Magazine. Exciting enough? I think so!


►►[Interview] 2PM, “Our member Junsu lived in Singapore when he was younger”

On November 18th, 2PM had a short interview with OMY in Singapore as a chance to say hi to Singaporean fans~! The vid below shows all six members saying hi and advertise their Singapore tour in ENGLISH but of course, only Nichkhun and Taecyeon spoke really:

Q: You’ve released your latest album. Tell us what have you been busy with lately?

A: We are currently promoting our album, Still 2:00PM, try to be on variety shows, staying healthy and busy!


►►Japanese group Perfume also loves KARA

KARA is really taking over the hearts of Japanese fans and even their idols like girl group Perfume! Although they’re known as one of the gems of J-Pop, Perfume can’t help but fangirl over KARA like all of us:


►►[VID] Orange Caramel has awesome fanboys for “Aing♡” comeback

FANBOYS DO EXIST!! lol well of course we all know this because of SNSD, KARA, etc. but who knew a 3-member After School subgroup like Orange Caramel has many guys behind their backs too? Watch their comeback performance on November 20th episode of Music Core & see for yourself 😉

LMAO…all those low voices yelling are just too hilarious XD

►►[VIDs] 101120 SHINee performs “Hello” (string version) & covers “Lucky”

SHINee made an appearance on the show “Icon” on November 20th, where the group sang “Hello” with an orchestra of strings playing along. Also, Onew gets a chance to shine through his duet with singer Lena Park for the song “Lucky” (Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat)! Both are wondering performances that fans should not miss out.

►►Big Bang’s “Tell Me Goodbye” got ripped off by Ukranian group

K-Pop is spreading globally and some astute Ukrainian netizens recently noticed that the MV for Ukrainian group Время и Стекло / Time and Glass looked very familiar to Big Bang’s MV for their Japanese single ‘Tell Me Goodbye’, which was released back in May.

Cr: Allkpop

Now Kpop fans (especially VIP’s) are getting pissed because of course, Big Bang is Big Bang and no other group can compare to them and whatever. But I find it funny how Kpop artists used to plagiarize other foreign artists and now they’re being plagiarized themselves…what a turn.

►►4Minute’s HyunA forgets the lyrics to Oh Won Bin’s song while performing

4minute’s Hyuna ruined Oh Won Bin’s comeback stage made quite the performance mistake while participating in ex-F.T. Island member Oh Won Bin’s comeback stage.

Won Bin’s “I Love You and I Love You” was broadcast live on MBC’s “Show! Music Core“, and the performance was off to a good start until Hyuna forgot the lyrics around the 2:07 mark.

After the performance, a representative from Hyuna’s agency spoke with Star News and stated, “Hyuna rehearsed a lot before going up on stage but ended up making a mistake by forgetting the lyrics. She had a lot of schedules to go through before the performance and was unfortunately unable to show off everything she had practiced on stage. She is extremely sorry to Oh Won Bin.

Cr: allkpop + OMNTD

…I don’t get why Won Bin doesn’t let BEG Miryo to do it instead since she was the one featured in his album. Maybe scheduling conflict? Either way, I think that making mistakes is fine…just not on someone else’s comeback stage =.=”