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Archive for November 19, 2010

►►[Caught on Cam] 2PM Couples: Nichkhun & Chansung vs. Nichkhun & Junho

2PM’s Nichkhun may have an angelic face but he ain’t so innocent. Take a look, first he play huggies with maknae Chansung:


►►Netizens put Big Bang’s Seungri on a list of FEMALE celebs with dark eye circles

Interesting…I came across a netizen’s article on FEMALE CELEBRITIES and their dark circles of humiliation…and at the end, Big Bang’s Seungri popped up. Pretty sure it was intentional but whatever, gave me a good surprise 😉

Other than that, it’s a pretty good list with numerous of pics of female K-celebs who, as the netizen say, either need a lot of sleep or has a bad liver. LOL.


►►Top 5 Kpop ladies who weigh less than 45kg (100 pounds)

You have seen them, you have heard of them, and you have thought that they were skinny. Who are the top 5 well-known ladies that we all know and love but just wish that they were a tad bit…less skeleton-like?

SNSD’s Jessica


►►BEG’s GaIn and 2AM’s Jokwon are feeling the Harry Potter 7 love

Either they’re super excited to see the world premiere of Harry Potter 7.1, or Brown Eyed Girl GaIn and 2AM’s JoKwon just love to imitate each other. Either way, here’s what you get (it gave netizens a good ol’ smile at least):


►►T-ara’s 7th member is a Park Shin Hye look-alike?

haha I have to be honest that this is just a rumor I’m trying to spread but look! T-ara’s 7th member Ryu Hwa Young recently had a shoot and I got the pics from Nate Pan. The first thing that came up in my head was “DAMNNNN is that PARK SHIN HYE I’m looking at?!?” haha but really, they look a lot alike!


►►Se7en does a “Singles” photoshoot with girlfriend Park Han Byul

First of all, why would you ever model in a “Singles” magazine with your girlfriend? Se7en…

Second, WHY WOULD YOU EVER MODEL IN A “SINGLES” MAGAZINE WITH YOUR GIRLFRIEND?? lol srsly, I don’t get it. Sure I can see that Se7en and his girlfriend Park Han Byul are both very happy to be out together at last without worrying too much about rumors and stuff but this is just like rubbing it into the faces of actual SINGLE people.

What do you guys think?