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►►SME’s best voices to shine in new ballad project ‘S.M THE BALLAD’

On the 26th, SM will release the first album from their new launched ballad project ‘S.M THE BALLAD’ with title “Really Miss You”.

For creating this new project, S.M THE BALLAD will present the best quality ballad songs through participation and collaboration with various singers, not only with SM’s artist.

This project is expected to receive lots of love from many music fan base because of the harmonized ballad which is anticipated to be presented through SM’s excellent producing capability and with various vocal’s colors.

TRAX Jay, Super Junior Kyuhyun, SHInee Jonghyun and also SM’s rookie Jino; all 4 members who have explosive singing capability participate in this first released album. Their various individual vocal’s colors and beautiful harmony with emotional ballad (songs) are enough to mesmerize woman’s heart in this cold winter.

Especially will debut through S.M THE BALLAD; Jino who was casted on 2008 is expected to get a high interest from music fans as a talented rookie with his great singing, combining with 2 years of training

In addition, Super Junior and SHInee’s members who gain popularity in Asia through their intense performance, are able to be met with their new charm in ‘S.M THE BALLAD’ ; it is to receive a great response from Asia music fans

Meanwhile, Vol. 1 “Really Miss You” of ‘S.M THE BALLAD’ is scheduled to be released on the 26th.

source : ASIAE
translated by ☆★
thanks to bbyong~✪ for the heads up

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