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►►C.N BLUE’s Minhyuk is a ladyman

As many of you may already know, C.N BLUE’s Minhyuk was featured in Orange Caramel’s new MV for their single album “Aing~” When asked which of the three ladies he wanted, the maknae drummer just can’t seem to decide…

Q: You Were in Orange Caramel’s MV, Are you planning to Act?

Minhyuk: Acting… I dont think So. I Found out the news 2 days before the shoot, I Didn’t Believe myself when i was told i was going to be the main lead in the music video. It Made my Heart Flutter, So i was half in doubt. As you see, my part is very small. I Didn’t act much. but i had fun due to retakes.

Q: Can You Pick One Among Nana,Lizzy and Raina as your Ideal Type?

Minhyuk: I Have To Pick only One? I Think…. All Three. I Think all of them have their own charms.. Nana Was A Model Before So She Has a Model like Charm, Lizzy… Lizzy is Cute. And Raina has a very Powerful Voice,and She looks good with Short Hair..Because each of them have their own charms.. I Like Them All.

Q: So You Like Nana The Best?

Minhyuk:… I Like All of The Members of Orange Caramel.

Cr: afterschooldaze@wp

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