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Archive for November 17, 2010

►►[Pieces of the Past] Miss A’s Suzy back in her modeling days

Miss A’s Suzy got on the hot list of Nate Pan lately because of these old pics from her modeling days before she debut as a singer. I think netizens are once again out to prove that she has (or has not) gone under surgery…but whatever, she looks cute as always ❤


►►[PICs] BEAST’s album pics for “Lights Go On Again”

Yayyyyyy BEAST! haha I’ve taken a liking in them ever since their debut with “Bad Girl” and although I’m utterly disappointed that they have not had a full length album out yet, I think the past 3 mini albums have been pretty good. “Lights Go On Again” is their 4th mini album and I love it! Honestly, it’s a real upgrade from “Soom” because it’s DIFFERENT…they’ve been trying the whole gothic/rock image lately and it works but I prefer my beastly men with less guy-liner.

Hope you enjoy these 🙂


►►[SCANs] Jay Park is “California Dreaming” in Vogue Girl

He never missed a moment to flash his chocolate abs while he was in 2PM…and the habit still carries on after he gone solo! Jay Park is back with a photoshoot for Vogue Girl & you fan girls will be impressed.


►►2PM Nichkhun’s awkward moments

A netizen posted a few pics on Nate, approving Nichkhun’s beautiful figure and smile (who doesn’t?). But what I found more fun are these pics of Nichkhun in plain, awkward moments!

Let’s begin with this one…what a man 😉


►►[Pieces of the Past] 4Minute’s SoHyun back in elementary school

One of the most adorable maknae’s you will come across would be 4Minute’s SoHyun. Netizens digged up some pretty cute photos of her from the past back in elementary school and middle school. No plastic surgery needed for this idol!



►►Netizens use boot sizes to prove SNSD Taeyeon’s short-ness

So I’m sure we all think SNSD’s Taeyeon is very adorable and stuff but I’m sure none of us can deny her lack of height either. So what do netizens do? Use her boot size and compare it to boots of other SNSD members!