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►►Super Junior, BoA, and f(x) confirmed to appear @ Shanghai World Expo 2010

The Korean Pavillion Opening plans include Korean Day Activities on May 1st and 26th, Korean Weekend Activities (May 27th-May 29th), Korea-China Diplomatic Memorial Activities (August 15th), which will be host all at once.

Other events include Taekwondo demonstrations and korean music-related contents, in which Super Junior, BOA, f(x) and others of the sort will be attending with Chinese performers at the Korean Music Festival (May 30th).

Meanwhile, TVXQ’s Yunho is chosen as the representative for Korea at the same event.

T/N: I just wanted to say that this was a hard translation so the name of the event might have been translated wrong. If you know the right names for these “activities,” please PM me and I’ll correct it. Thank you.

Source:, f(x) baidu,
Chinese Translator: saeyeon
English Translator: allstar@ aff(x)tion forums
Image by: NN

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