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►►T-ara reveals their ideal guys

T-ara’s youngest member JiYeon reveals that her ideal type of guy is actor Lee CheonHee.

The girls were featured for an interview on KBS Entertainment News aired on 1st May when JiYeon confessed, “I wish to meet with my ideal type Lee Chun Hee.”

During the interview when asked who her ideal type was, JiYeon answered, “I like Lee Cheon Hee seonbae. He’s really cute.” And she was seen very shy and covering her face with her 2 hands. She added, “I am a fan of Cheon Hee oppa. It would be good if I could meet him even for a short while.”

HyoMin reveals that her ideal type is someone who has good reactions, “I like someone who will smile and accept what I say, and is fun.”

Following that member SoYeon mentioned entertainment Boom as someone with good reactions and asked “How about him?”. HyoMin’s answer was, “Because he is in the army…” causing laughters from the others around.

Meanwhile, the girls talked picked member Jeon BoRam as the member who is the most untidy one. The member said, “Her bed is often messy with almost no space for sleeping.”

Cr: Sookyeong

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