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►►Rain reveals MBLAQ’s possible comeback date

Superstar Rain / Bi was a guest on SBS ETV recently and shared a story about a fake baby momma.

One day when Rain was renovating his condo, he came home and saw a strange woman he’s never seen before at his house. When he asked this lady who she was, she replied “I’m pregnant with your child.” They eventually took this woman to a hospital and got her checked out and they found that she was mentally unstable. At the end of the interview he stated, “I’m a clean innocent man…” which resulted in much laughter from the audience. This segment is scheduled to air on May 5th at 9pm on SBS.

Rain also made an appearance on MBC’s Starry Night Radio with MBLAQ and discussed their potential comeback. Rain was asked, “When is MBLAQ coming back? We’ve been waiting for their return for so long.” Rain responded with, “They’re not coming back. Don’t expect anything because they’re not coming back. Just Kidding! We’re thinking about a return date around May 20th. They’ve been working very hard and we’ve been discussing the date, so it’ll be some time in May but I don’t have an exact date… However, I expect around May 20th.”

Cr: Allkpop

One response

  1. Must be MBLAQ!

    LOL i didn’t know Jihoon had this side to him xD

    July 30, 2010 at 4:58 am

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