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►►How did the Wonder Girls’ concert in Taiwan go?

WONDERGIRLS’s last public day in Taiwan was naturally set aside for the numerous fans who adored them! Since last night, many fans had started queuing, hoping to get a closer glimpse of WONDERFIRLS’s svelteness. For this fan gathering, WONDERGIRLS performed 3 songs including the classic ‘Nobody’ which was presented in its Chinese version.

Here comes the signature ‘Nobody’! WONDERGIRLS is in Taiwan for 4 days, with only one platform to showcase their golden vocals. The organizers even freighted in WONDERGIRLS’s exclusive ‘W’ microphones. Attired in golden tassel dresses, they were completely authentic in flavor when paraded for the Taiwan fans. WONDERGIRLS: “Hello everybody. We are the WONDERGIRLS.”

They proffered their hard-learned Chinese, which touched the Taiwan fans. The site’s 400-500 crowd was insufficient. The second & third floors were also packed with a human tide. Many others were shut out outside, watching through glass windows & reluctant to leave. The downstage fans were holding balloons, posters, someone even drew a giant ‘W’ on their face to welcome the idols.

Reporter: “How does it feel to be so close to WONDERGIRLS?”
WONDERGIRLS fan: “It’s not bad. They are prettier in person.”

The entire event lasted a short 50 minutes, causing many unsatisfied fans to holler for more. But WONDERGIRLS disclosed that they are launching their new multiple-language album in May, & will not rule out returning to Taiwan for promotions. The fans are asked to wait & see.

Cr : qoxie @ soompi (source)

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