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►►Big Bang’s Seungri stripped on his first YG audition

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So where’s the person who recognised Seungri’s talents?

“They didn’t tell me to come or anything but I just turned up at YG to audition. I followed Director Park Dae Hong, who had been helping me in Gwangju. When I went, they taped me singing and dancing. I thought to myself ‘Let’s really go for it this time’ and went nuts. I threw off my shirt and stuff. (laughs)”

Seungri tried his best to show his talents, and maybe this passion was able to move people’s hearts. This time, YG Entertainment’s President Yang Hyun Seok, who was watching the video live from the storey above, recognised his talents.

“President Yang is coming down.”

When he heard those words, Seungri thought his heart was going to burst. He forced himself to pretend to be calm, but it occurred to him that he couldn’t let this critical chance slip.

“I watched the video. You’re really talented. 50 points for singing and 50 for dancing. Do you know Jiyong and Youngbae? Hmm..they’re these kids who’ve been training here for about six years now, try catch up with them. Come from tomorrow on.”(President Yang Hyun Seok)

‘Woohoo! I’m finally making a start!’
The 16 year Seungri said goodbye to his family and friends in his hometown and went to Seoul.
The first person he met on his first day was Daesung (22, Real name: Kang Daesung), who was a new trainee like him, while walking down the corridor.

“Where do I have to go?” (Seungri)
“..I don’t really know either…” (Daesung)

Their first conversation was a bit awkward.
Then Top appeared with a cigarette in his mouth. He left a huge impression on Seungri. The first thing he said was really memorable too.
“Let’s order Jjajangmyeon. [black bean noodles]” (Top)

The three YG trainees, Daesung, Seungri and Top sat in the practice room and ate jjajangmyeon. After they were done, Seungri got up and cleared up his own plate first.

“Why aren’t you clearing away your hyungs’ plates first?” (Top)

So Seungri’s first day in YG started off with a slightly awkward encounter with Daesung, jjajangmyeon, and Top’s scolding.

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Cr : Asiae ( SOURCE ) , trans by: sjay.x @

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